Industrial Traffic

I started my position as an SEO Strategist and video Content Producer. Back then it was tricks of the trade to get a rank 1 in Google. Since huge industry changes my career developed into a permeant Full Stack Developer position. While the focus of Industrial Traffic is still SEO/SEM as an end result, the road to success is much longer. SEO would shine when all of the components in a proper digital campaign align correctly.

We served over 30 retainer clients with ongoing digital marketing solutions for service based industries. These clients included,, , ,, appliedinksolutions, , and many more.
You can find more on their portfolio page.

Working at Industrial Traffic my duties included:

  • Setting up local development environments for each client.
  • Building Responsive Websites.
  • Exporting Assets form Photoshop, Illustrator and Invision.
  • Optimize code and use best practices on builds.
  • Pushing Changes live.
  • Commit changes to GIT .
  • Ongoing Task Management and Communications via Slack.
  • Theme WordPress to match websites, Child Themes and Custom Functions.
  • Update server, wordpress, plugins and find / fix vulnerabilities.
  • Create custom email templates.
  • Monitor Website uptime and status.
  • Ongoing digital marketing A/B , Adwords and Conversion tracking.
  • Add Analytics and Tag manager to all retainer clients.
  • Create Video and Photo content for digital marketing campaigns.
  • Create Schema markup where applicable
  • Create Social Media Assets to be used in digital campaigns.
  • and much more…